Mobile Light Tower is an incredibly versatile and practical large-area lighting solution that is a result of technology developments from the aviation industry. It provides powerful illumination of large spaces and is also a solution for areas where no electrical network exists.

The luminaire is made of special material which when inflated, elevates the light source so as to provide powerful lighting of vast areas. The SON type High Pressure Sodium lamp is available as a 600w version providing 90,000 lumens and as a larger 1000w version, providing a massive 130,000 lumens. The 1000w version can also use a Metal Halide lamp. The operating height of the translucent cylinder is up to 7 metres.*

The cylinder is inflated by a fan which is powered by the integrated petrol generator or direct connection to the 230V electrical mains.

In pitch-dark conditions, Mobile Light Tower provides illumination of 10,000 square metres area in less than 3 minutes. That is effectively one hectare, or 2.5 acres, or more than 2 football fields in area.

Mobile Light Tower models are compact and small enough to be transported in a car boot. One person can operate the whole system.

Mobile Light Tower is designed for emergency deployment in the event of natural or technological disasters, for illumination in case of unexpected mains failure and for lighting of mass-scale activities or events.

Additionally, Mobile Light Tower is a quick and powerful solution for night-time construction and industrial operations without having to employ much larger and more expensive equipment and qualified personnel. It’s low-weight and portability means it can readily be taken into hard-to-access places. The translucent material provides a much smoother 360 degree diffused light, that is more comfortable to work under and is considerably less stressful than the glare of reflector type floodlighting.

Compared to other conventional mechanical tower equipment the Mobile Light Tower is much faster and easier to handle and operate and is considerably less expensive, making it a practical and cost-effective solution that every operator should consider adding to their equipment inventory.

When the Mobile Light Tower with integrated petrol generator is used, there is some additional capacity to connect other electrical appliances and equipment.